About Us

Company Profile

Established in 2013 the Brilliant Advertising Company is a large premiums and corporate gifts supplier based in Cambodia. We have a strong regional presence and reputation for excellent service. Wide product variety, flexibility and quality service is what Brilliant is about. We are highly customer oriented and understand the needs of our customers.

We have the resources, ability and experience in the industry to deliver on our promises. Our industry experience and long term focus means that we may not always be the cheapest but that is only because we want to deliver value and quality products that customers will be satisfied with. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. We have redemption centers, loyalty programmers and strong catalog sales to service customer needs. Our product lines constantly evolve as new innovations come onto the market. We have a varied customer base and will cater to your needs.


We know your time is valuable and it is crucial to find the products you need as fast as possible, call us and we will share with you our ideas for your premium and corporate gift needs; you are not obliged to buy from us.

Brilliant Advertising wants to be your partner!

Compliance & Quality Commitment

A gift must be safe.

Because we care as much as you do about the importance of giving away a gift that meets all relevant quality requirements, safety is our priority. Our Goal is to provide you with promotional products, which are consistently safe, socially compliant and environmentally respectful. It is our obligation towards today’s consumers and for future generations.

More Than Gifts

Technology & Accessories
Plastic ball pen with sensitive silicone tip for touch screen.